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House hunting can be tricky at the best of times, and you might think that winter would be the worst time to do it, but there can be advantages to searching for your new home at this time of year. If you find yourself looking for a new rental property this winter, here are 4 reasons why you might actually benefit from the season!

1. Less competition

Because fewer people are house hunting over the winter, the rental market slows down – and that means less competition for you. If you’re used to having viewings cancelled at the last minute, or having properties disappear while you’re still thinking about them, you might find this happens less in the winter. And that increases your chances of finding your ideal home!

2. More time from letting agents

Because you’re part of a smaller pool of renters, you may find that letting agents have more time for you. In peak season (roughly May to September), many agents are rushed off their feet with requests, but in the quieter months your email or voicemail message will more easily rise to the top of the heap – but, of course, you should take into account when the agencies will close for Christmas.

3. A better deal

You are more likely to snap up a bargain during winter, as less demand means that landlords and letting agents may lower their prices as they try to fill empty properties. Other costs associated with moving may be cheaper too – for example, professional cleaners and moving companies – due to the lower demand for their services.

4. More helpful viewings

When you view a property in winter, you should find it easier to spot potential problems – such as leaks, draughts or damp – because they will be more obvious during the colder months. Most properties are at their best in the summer and the problems don’t become apparent until the weather gets worse, but if you view somewhere that seems cosy even when it’s bucketing down outside, you could be onto a winner!

Are you looking for a property to rent in Bristol this winter? Gough Quarters can help you with your search, so contact us today to find out more.

Cover photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

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