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As a landlord, you’ll deal with all sorts of tenants – some good and some not so good – but if you’re just starting out, how can you tell which is which? Fortunately there are some reliable indicators. Here are 6 signs that your tenant is a keeper.

1. They pay on time

There’s nothing more frustrating for a landlord than consistently late rent, so a tenant who always pays on time is worth their weight in gold. Make sure you include a clear schedule for payments in your tenancy agreement, and ask them to make pay a day or two early to give it time to clear. If they do this consistently every month, you know you have a good tenant.

2. They respond quickly

A tenant who responds in good time when you get in touch with them is extremely valuable. Quick responses make it easier for you to arrange repairs or inspections, or to get access to the property in an emergency. Your tenant should also be able to contact you, so give them a phone number or email address that will allow them to get through to you easily.

3. They are accommodating

A good tenant will be accommodating with things like repairs and inspections. If you ask for access to the property, they may give it to you quickly, or they may suggest several dates when you can stop by. They also know not to call you at all hours of the day. This is a big part of a healthy landlord–tenant relationship: being accommodating shows that you respect each other’s time.

6 signs of a good tenant landlord advice list

4. They take care of the property

A good tenant will treat your property like a home, rather than a stopping place – they will keep it clean and tidy, and report any problems before they get out of hand. A great tenant will go above and beyond, such as repairing things that just need a quick fix, rather than relying on you to deal with every small problem.

5. They keep you notified

A good tenant will keep you informed about things such as going away on holiday and leaving the property empty, and they will ask your permission before making any changes to the property. Of course, you can encourage this behaviour by letting your tenants know that you want to be kept informed.

6. They are good neighbours

Even though you probably won’t be living next to them yourself, it’s always good to have tenants who are good neighbours. They should be respectful about things like noise and keeping outside spaces tidy. Knowing that your tenant is not causing trouble in the neighbourhood will certainly give you peace of mind.

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