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This time of year can pose all sorts of challenges for landlords, but don’t let the terrors of the Halloween season get you down. Here are four common problems you might face with your rental property as the winter closes in, and how to deal with them before they become a real horror story!

1. Danger on your doorstep

As the evenings get darker and the weather worsens, the outside of your rental property can become hazardous, and your tenants are more at risk of slips and trips. You can improve your tenants’ safety and protect your property by installing an automatic outdoor light and fixing uneven paths and broken steps. Fallen leaves can also make paths slippery and clog up gutters, so check your rental contract and clarify with your tenants what their responsibilities are – typically tenants can be expected to clear fallen leaves, but you must deal with the gutters and drains.

2. Abandoned houses

At this time of year, it can feel like the rental market is slowing down, and you might be struggling with having no tenants at all. But don’t worry, there’s still hope for your property – a quieter market also means less competition, and the people who are house hunting may be keen to move in before Christmas. Things can change quickly during the autumn, so make sure your property looks warm and cosy for any viewings, and ensure it stays in good condition by keeping it gently heated and checking regularly for leaks and damp.

3. Nightmare tenants

Whether you’re dealing with late rent, noisy parties or damage to your property, the best way to arm yourself against a troublesome tenant is to be prepared. At the beginning of the tenancy, make sure your paperwork is watertight: the inventory should be comprehensive, and the contract should clearly state all parties’ rights and responsibilities. If you’re having issues with a tenant who is already living in your property, visit the government website to find out the rules regarding rental disputes and what steps you can take to deal with or even evict a problem tenant.

4. The horrors of stress

There can be a lot to deal with at this time of year, especially with Christmas beginning to loom, and you can soon find yourself overwhelmed with stress. You can deal with this by being organised – keeping records and always knowing where to find the information you need will really help you to stay on top of things. Alternatively, you could bring in some extra help to manage your property. Gough Quarters offers a Portfolio Management option that includes rent collection and maintenance, which will free you up to get on with other things.

Do you have a property to rent in Bristol? Contact Gough Quarters today – we’ll make sure your rental dreams don’t turn into a Halloween nightmare!

Pumpkin photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

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