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If you are a residential landlord happy tenants mean fewer headaches. Turning your asset into a decent place to live will attract quality tenants, tenants who are more likely to stay for the longer term and allow you to command a higher rent.

Of course, there will be a trade-off against your time, effort and money, but it makes sense to look after your property and tenants, as they are what generate your income.

We spoke to one Bristol tenant from Bedminster to find out what tenants expect when living in rented accommodation.


Here is what she said:

Landlord Tip #1 To be given space to enjoy the property 

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle and that should apply equally for renters as for owner-occupiers. Sure, if there is a good reason for a visit or an inspection make adequate arrangements beforehand, and no frivolous call-ins thank you.

Landlord Tip #2 To have problems and emergencies rectified quickly

Recently a washing machine leaked in the flat above mine. I called my landlord before work and when I came home in the evening, water was still dripping through the ceiling. This made a bad problem considerably worse, certainly did not encourage me to renew the agreement and, let’s face it, probably cost my landlord more to fix in the long run.

Landlord Tip #3 To have a good line of communication

It is nice to know that I can talk to a landlord or lettings agent to raise any issues whenever I need to. Being able to talk easily can nip any problems in the bud and can also help foster a good long-term relationship.

Landlord Tip #4 To feel secure

I live on one of the upper floors of a converted house so there is not much danger of people getting in through the windows. The front doors are also fairly secure, so I am happy on this front. But a friend was burgled a couple of years ago in their rented flat. The landlord did subsequently improve security, but for them it was too late and they moved out shortly afterwards.

Landlord Tip #5 To respect the terms of contract

This really gives peace of mind: stick to notice periods, don’t try to add hidden or unexpected charges and honour any arrangements in place regarding inspections.

So there we go. Five ways to attract and keep good tenants. Of course, it does take time and effort, but we think it is worth looking after your investments, human as well as material. And if you want to cut down on the time you spend, why not consider using Gough Quarters’ highly regarded Lettings Management Service?

To find out how Gough Quarters can help call 0117 329 0039 today.

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