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Happy Valentine’s Day from Gough Quarters! Today we’re celebrating love by looking at one of the most exciting stages in a couple’s life: moving in together. But before you can do this, you have to find your dream home, so how can you take the stress out of house hunting as a couple? We have a few tips to make house hunting with your other half a breeze.

1. Set a budget

Money can be a major cause of tension in any relationship, so make sure you’re both upfront about your finances from the start and set a budget for your monthly payments that you know you can stick to. How you divide up the rent is up to you – you might want to pay the same amount, or each pay a certain percentage of your income – but this is a discussion you should have before you start looking for properties.

2. Write ‘essentials’ lists

To help you narrow down your hunt, you should each write a list of essentials for your rental property. These lists don’t need to be long, but they should include the things that you really can’t live without – for instance, a particular length commute, a garden or a certain number of rooms. Then compare your lists and base your property search around those few key factors. Remember, these lists are only for the absolute essentials!

3. Compromise

You will probably have plenty of other preferences for your home that aren’t deal-breakers, and here you may have to compromise. It is important for any couple to be able to compromise, especially once you start living together, so house hunting can be great practice for developing this skill. Try prioritising your preferences to find out which ones you can let go of most easily, and always keep in mind that you’re looking for a home where you can both feel comfortable and happy.

4. View properties together

If you can, go to property viewings together. Choosing a property is a big decision and can be too much pressure for one person to handle alone – plus, each of you can be on the lookout for things the other might miss. If you can’t get to a viewing together, make sure the person who does go takes plenty of pictures or even a video of the property. The person who can’t go should make a list of questions for the other person to ask. The more information you can gather about the property, the easier it will be to come to a joint decision.

5. Take a break

When you’re in the midst of house hunting, it can feel like it’s taking over your life, so remember to take a break every now and then just to be with each other without talking houses. Go out for dinner, watch a film or go for a walk – but agree beforehand that all house talk is off the table. Knowing that you have a few hours where you don’t have to think about house hunting will help you to rest and relax, so you can get back to it refreshed, together.

Are you looking for a property to rent in Bristol? Gough Quarters can help you to find your first home together, and guide you through the rental process. Contact us today to find out more.

Cover photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

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