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Energy efficiency has become increasingly important in recent years – so much so that it is now a legal requirement to provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) whenever you build, sell or rent a home in the UK. The EPC gives an overview of how energy efficient a property is, and indicates how much tenants can expect to spend on bills.

So if you want to make your property stand out to renters, here are 5 tips to make your property more energy efficient and potentially more appealing to tenants.

1. Service your central heating

Heating systems account for as much as 60% of a home’s annual energy bills, so it’s vital that they run efficiently to ensure savings for both the pocket and the planet. The best way to keep your system in tip-top shape is to make sure it is regularly serviced – British Gas recommends once a year – and to give it a full ‘power flush’ clean every 5-6 years.

2. Get a boiler upgrade

Of course, a heating system is only as good as the boiler that runs it, and if your boiler isn’t running efficiently then it could be far from eco-friendly. The older your boiler is, the less efficient it is likely to be and – although it can be a significant outlay – upgrading to a newer model could save hundreds on bills each year, and also drastically improve the energy efficiency of your property.

how to make your property more energy efficient

3. Invest in double glazing

Many older properties still have single-glazed windows, and this could mean that up to 20% of the property’s heat escapes through them. Fitting new windows will not only save on energy emissions and bills, it can even help to make your property more secure. If you’re thinking of fitting new, double-glazed windows, keep an eye out for A-rated, government-approved windows, and products recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

4. Improve the insulation

It isn’t just windows that leak heat; a report by the Department for Energy and Climate Change claimed that the UK spends around £500 million a year on energy lost through poorly insulated roofs and walls. You can put a stop to this in your property by investing in some proper insulation, especially in your loft space.

how to make your property more energy efficient

5. Make small improvements

Taking the time to give your property a full once-over can really pay off, as even the smallest improvements can help. It’s a good idea to attach draught excluders to the bottoms of doors and use cheap draught excluder tape or rubber strips around the edges, where it is needed. Attach a brush-style draught excluder to the letter box and, if you are responsible for providing some of the internal fittings, hang thick curtains over the windows.

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