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There can be all sorts of advantages to moving house in the winter. Fewer people move at this time of year so you should have your pick of moving companies, and many will charge less because of the lower demand. However, moving during the coldest months also brings its own problems, so here’s how to make your winter move a breeze!

Check the forecast

When you’re picking a day for your move, choose a day with a clear forecast and try to remain as flexible as possible just in case bad weather suddenly sets in. Of course, this can be tricky if you’re hiring a moving company, so try to prepare for the weather as much as you can, and if a winter storm is brewing, maybe hold off until it’s blown over. It’s also a good idea to check the sunset times and start your move as early as possible, so you won’t be working in the dark if things take longer than expected.

Prep your car

If you’ll be using your own vehicle to move, make sure it’s ready for a long day of driving in adverse conditions. It might be worth taking your car to the garage for a once-over a couple of weeks beforehand, or at the very least you can check the tyre pressure yourself and make sure you put a windshield scraper and anti-freeze somewhere handy. You can also plan your route ahead of time – you might think you’ll save time by avoiding the main roads, but remember these are more likely to be gritted if conditions turn icy.

how to move house in the winter

Dress for the occasion

You’re going to get warm when you’re lifting and carrying, but the minute you stop moving the cold will set in. Therefore, make sure you’re dressed in layers which you can easily take off or put on as you need them. You should definitely wear shoes with good grip (nobody wants to slip while carrying the best china!) and invest in a sturdy pair of work gloves – they’ll keep your hands warm and provide better grip than your usual knitted ones.

Protect your possessions

The trusty cardboard box is a mainstay of house moves, but it won’t be much use if it’s raining or snowing outside. If you can, pack your possessions in weatherproof plastic boxes, or at a push wrap your cardboard boxes in plastic bags to keep out the worst of the water. Of course, you should cover all electronics, and be sure to wrap them in blankets too as they can be sensitive to extreme cold.

Clear the driveway

Ice and frost can make moving a nightmare, so make sure you throw down some salt or grit on your driveway before any vehicles arrive. Chances are your street won’t be buried in snow, but if snow is forecast, make sure you wake up early in case you need to shovel a path from your house to the road. If possible, have a friend or neighbour clear the driveway of your new house, to make things easier at the other end, or at least pack your grit and shovel somewhere easily accessible so you can do it first thing when you arrive.

how to move house in the winter

Pack snacks

Moving is hungry work, especially when it’s cold. It can be tempting to press on and get it done, but you should look after yourself, so take plenty of short breaks indoors to let your muscles rest and recover from the winter chill. Stock up on snacks and have hot drinks in Thermos flasks to hand so you can quickly regain some heat.

Heat your home

The front door of your new home will be open for most of the day as you move stuff in, so turn the heating on as soon as you arrive and keep as many doors closed in the house as you possibly can. You might even consider moving all the boxes into one room and then sorting them out once everything is inside – it might mean you’re moving things twice, but at least you’ll be doing it without letting out any precious heat.

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